İngilizcede En Çok Kullanılan Kelimeler ve Örnek Cümleler Set 10

  • Bu bölümde öğrenmenizi hedeflediğimiz ‘’hedef kelimeler’’.

run: koşmak

  • I like running in the forest.
  • Ayşe runs much faster than Ali.

move: hareket etmek, hareket ettirmek, taşımak

  • I’m so cold I can’t move my fingers.
  • He was tied up and couldn’t move.
  • Will you help me move this table to the back room?

like: sevmek, hoşlanmak

  • I like all kinds of animals.
  • She likes going out with her friends.
  • What do you like?

live: yaşamak

  • Where do you live?
  • My brother has lived in Germany for over 10 years.
  • Live your life to the fullest.

believe: inanmak

  • I don’t believe a word you say.
  • Believe or not, it’s true.
  • You shouldn’t believe everything you read.

light: ışık

  • Come to the light I can’t see you.

light: hafif

  • I want a light coke.
  • We should eat something light.

hard: zor

  • Life can be hard sometimes but it is worth living it.
  • This problem is very hard, I can’t solve it.
  • She trains hard every day (=sıkı)
  • It’s hard to say which of them is lying.

soft: yumuşak

  • Sleeping on a bed that is too soft can be bad for your back.
  • He loved the feel of her soft hair against his skin.

work (n):

  • What’s your work?
  • I have a lot of work to do.

government: hükümet

  • The government is planning to increase taxes.
  • Unlike the present government, we believe in serving the community.

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