İngilizcede En Çok Kullanılan Kelimeler ve Örnek Cümleler Set 19

  • Bu bölümde öğrenmenizi hedeflediğimiz ‘’hedef kelimeler’’.

create: yaratmak, oluşturmak

  • I will create a file named ‘’Important’’. You can find the documents there.
  • And the God created the human kind.
  • He created a wonderful meal from very few ingredients.

speak: konuşmak

  • Can I speak with you?
  • I spoke to her last Wednesday.
  • He is a good person but speaks a lot.
  • He speaks German fluently. (you always speak a language not ‘’know’’ it! )

spend: harcamak (para, vakit vs.) , geçirmek (zaman)

  • He spend all his salary in a week and he is broke now.
  • Don’t spend my time for these unimportant matters, please.
  • I really spent a good time with you last night.

true: doğru, gerçek

  • It’s true that I’m going to marry him.
  • She’s been a true friend to me.

false: yanlış

  • All his answers were false.
  • I don’t want to give you any false hopes.

beautiful: güzel (genelde kadınlar için veya nesneler)

  • She is a beautiful girl.
  • We had a beautiful house in Bodrum but had to move out because of my father’s work.

ugly: çirkin

  • That kind of behaviours are really ugly.
  • She was a fat and ugly girl but now she changed a lot.
  • Then he showed his ugly face.

body: vücut

  • You can use your body weight while you exercise.
  • Most models have attractive bodies.

information: bilgi

  • I was hoping to get some information about the museums around here.
  • The information is strictly confidential.
  • The information he gave me was very useful.

back: geri, arka, sırt

  • My back hurts.
  • She left and didn’t look back.
  • Our father has just left home and I don’t think he is coming back anytime soon.

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