İngilizcede En Sık Kullanılan Kelimeler ve Örnek Cümleler Set 22

  • Bu bölümde öğrenmenizi hedeflediğimiz ‘’hedef kelimeler’’.

remember: hatırlamak

  • Do you remember the first day we met?
  • “Where did you park the car?” “I can’t remember.”

love: sevmek / aşk, sevgi (noun)

  • I love you.
  • I love reading a book in my free time.
  • Love is the best feeling you can feel in your life.

dark: karanlık

  • I’m scared to walk in the dark forest.
  • The weather is getting dark, let’s go back home.

open (s): açık

  • Shopping center is open from 10:00 am. to 10:00 pm.

closed: kapalı

  • We are closed for 10 days because of restoration.
  • Shops are closed at 7:00 pm in Germany, so hurry up and buy the things you need.

health: sağlık

  • Health is the most important thing in life.
  • My father had some health problems but he is OK now.

person: kişi, insan (people or persons – çoğul)

  • You are a good person.
  • Four persons have been charged with the murder.

art: sanat

  • Can television and pop music really be considered art?
  • The gallery has an excellent collection of modern art.

war: savaş

  • My grandfather has seen many wars.
  • There were a lot of reasons that led to world war 1 to start.

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