İngilizcede En Çok Kullanılan Kelimeler ve Örnek Cümleler Set 8

  • Bu bölümde öğrenmenizi hedeflediğimiz ‘’hedef kelimeler’’.

start: başlamak (to begin)

  • What time will the movie start?
  • He started to run towards me.
  • When did the pain in your throat start?

show: göstermek

  • Can you show me how to use this program?
  • He showed great courage there.
  • Show your ticket to the woman at the entrance.
  • show (n): şov / It was a wonderful show!

group: grup

  • I’m meeting a group of friends for dinner tonight.
  • The car was parked near a small group of trees.
  • We are a strong group here.

country: ülke

  • Turkey is a wonderful country, you should definitely visit if you can.
  • There are a lot of undeveloped and poor countries.
  • Which countries have you visited so far?

heavy: ağır

  • This box is really heavy – can we put it down for a minute?
  • You’re so heavy, I can’t carry you.
  • We are under heavy pressure. (+)
  • Don’t you think it’s a little heavy what you just told him? (+)

hand: el

  • I have just two hands, I can’t do all the work!
  • Give me a hand! (expression)
  • Your hand is bleeding.
  • All their toys are made by hand.

place: yer

  • I know a good and quiet place.
  • Where is your place?
  • This is a place I find my peace.
  • She has been to many places like England, Germany, Italy etc.

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