İngilizcede En Sık Kullanılan Kelimeler ve Örnek Cümleler Set 11

  • Bu bölümde öğrenmenizi hedeflediğimiz ‘’hedef kelimeler’’.

hold: tutmak

  • They are holding each other’s hands.
  • Can you hold this book for a second?

bring: getirmek

  • Could you bring me car keys from the kitchen?
  • When they visit us they always bring their dog with them.
  • Is it okay if I bring a friend to the party?

happen: olmak (bir lay vb.)

  • What happened here?
  • What’s happening between you two?
  • No one knows exactly what happened but several people have been hurt.

night: gece

  • What time do you go to sleep at night?
  • I’m not feeling very energetic today – not enough sleep last night!
  • Good night!

point: mana, anlam, anlatılmak istenen şey, önemli olan nokta

  • The point is, if you don’t claim the money now you might never get it.
  • I think you missed (= did not understand) the point of what she was saying
  • I’d like to write to him, but what’s the point? He never writes back.

home: ev (yuva)

  • There is no place like home!
  • I’m going home. / I’m home. / Are you at home? / What time do you come back home?

water: su

  • Would you like some water?
  • Water is the most important molecule in the human body.

room: oda

  • Do you have your own room?
  • We have 3 extra rooms in the new house.
  • She’s waiting for you in the conference room upstairs.

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